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Osteopathy in Gatineau

Osteopathy is an exclusively manual approach.

Osteopathy brings together anatomical, physiological and biomechanical sciences in order to treat mobility restrictions in people with pain, injury or loss of mobility following an injury. Many mobility disorders or injuries can be due to the accumulation of tension, stress, emotional or physical trauma, poor postures or repeated movements impacting the human body.

The goal of the osteopath is to put global health at the center of his practice by improving mobility. An osteo works with his patient by performing fine and precise palpations aimed at restoring the proper functioning of the body and joints. By carrying out his evaluation, the osteopath will be able to identify the source of the disorders and dysfunctions of his patient’s body.

The purpose of osteopathy is not to cure a symptom, but rather to find its origin in order to attack the problem at the source.

Who can benefit from OSTEOPATHY

Osteopathy can benefit everyone, regardless of age or physical activity. Osteopathy adapts individually to each patient according to his age, lifestyle and morphology.

At Physio + Hamel, babies, young children, pregnant women, adults and seniors are cared for by an experienced osteopath with more than 32 years of experience in the field.

Our OSTEOPATHiE services

At Physio + Hamel, our osteopath makes sure to offer you professional services specific to your problem while respecting your personal constraints.


The difference between physiotherapy and osteopathy lies mainly in the approach to the problem as well as in the training received by the professional.

Unlike the physiotherapist, the osteopath only uses his hands during sessions, so it is a strictly manual and passive approach. The osteopath is also distinguished by the attention that the latter pays to the positioning of organs and viscera in people’s bodies.

To summarize in one sentence the difference between osteopathy and physiotherapy would be: “Same goal, different techniques!”

*Speaking of a similar goal, the goal of physiotherapists and osteopaths is essentially the same: to address people’s injuries by trying to treat the origin of the problem!

The times of the sessions in Osteopathy at Physio + Hamel are 60 minutes. Indeed, this guarantees the client that he will have at his disposal an osteopath present for 60 minutes in full.

YES! For reimbursement, there are still some insurance companies that still ask for the medical prescription.

However, be aware that each insurance company has its own policy in terms of reimbursement. Indeed, most insurance plans have coverage ranging from a maximum amount for osteopathy, with or without maximum per visit.

If you’re not sure, don’t hesitate to call your insurance plan for more information.

NO, there is no age to consult an osteopath! People of all ages can consult osteopathy at Physio + Hamel. Moving from the newborn baby to the elderly, all people are cared for by an experienced osteopath with more than 32 years of experience in the profession.

Studies to become an osteopath are the responsibility of private schools, colleges or professional training centers in osteopathy. In Quebec, the initial training of osteopaths is offered by private schools. The complete course in osteopathy is normally and minimally located between 4 and 6 years depending on the school (4200 hours), or 1200 and 1500 hours (according to the WHO type 2 program).