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For athletes

Osteopathy for athletes

Whether at the professional or amateur level, osteopathy has largely demonstrated its usefulness.

In order to achieve your goals, whatever your level, the osteopath detects and corrects problem areas in order to restore the overall harmony of your body and thus helps prevent injuries.

This is where your osteopath can be of great help!

Osteopathy plays a major role in preparing the body for athletes. Whether it’s performance optimization, physical preparation before a competition or fitness after an injury, Physio + Hamel offers you a professional sports osteopathy service in Gatineau.

In prevention, osteopathy in sports is recommended for:

  • Optimize your athletic performance for a new sports season
  • To prepare for a competition
  • To recover from a proof
  • To improve its performance (breathing capacity, power, precision of your gestures, etc.)

In session and in association with other professionals, athletes can consult the osteopath to:

  • A sprain
  • Muscle damage
  • Tendonitis
  • Sequelae of fracture and trauma
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