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Physio + Hamel offers you a brand new Tele-Physiotherapy service that allows you to offer physiotherapy services remotely using a videoconferencing technology platform.

The physiotherapy consultation therefore takes the form of a teleconsultation between one of our physiotherapists and a client who are both in different locations.

Who is Tele-Physiotherapy for?
Several physiotherapy interventions can be conducive to teleconsultation services, including:

  • Evaluate a new condition
  • Refer the client to a treatment plan
  • Offer advice on the evolution of a condition
  • Teaching mobility, strength or balance exercises
  • Tips for health promotion or accident prevention
  • Creation of a personalized exercise program related to your condition
  • Refer to another health care professional as needed

Tele-physiotherapy is a great way to get a quick consultation for an injury or pain without having to go to the clinic. It allows you to benefit from the expertise of a physiotherapist by avoiding a waiting period in a medical clinic or in the emergency room.

Physio + Hamel offers Tele-Physiotherapy services to both new clients for assessments and current clients for follow-up appointments. CNESST and SAAQ accident victims can also benefit from Tele-Physiotherapy for their appointment.

As physiotherapy professionals, physiotherapists at Physio + Hamel comply with the same obligations when providing a videoconference service as face-to-face. However, some peculiarities are specific to remote monitoring.

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