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Therapeutic modalities

Therapeutic modalities

Physio + Hamel offers several choices of electrotherapy devices and therapeutic modalities for its clients. It is good to know that the selection of the optimal modality (interference currents, T.E.N.S., ultrasound, taping, cryotherapy, muscle stimulator, etc.) for the patient’s condition is a very important choice.

The choice of modality takes into account the client’s current pathology and stage of evolution while taking into account scientific data and practical constraints.

In order to optimize therapeutic effects, it is essential to know the effects of different therapeutic modalities and to be aware of their impacts during treatments.

Ultrasound and cryotherapy (ice/cold) help decrease inflammation. For its part, the use of electric currents (T.E.N.S., interference current) acts directly on the pain.

Finally, heat and certain electrical currents are intended to reduce muscle tension and increase blood supply in order to promote healing for a chronic condition.

Finally, soft tissue techniques (friction, massage, pressure) are used to relax the muscles.

The therapeutic modalities used at Physio + Hamel are multiple and adapted to the healing phase of your injury as well as the goals:

  • Reduce pain
  • Increase mobility
  • Improve muscle dynamics
  • Prevent injuries
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