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Global postural rehabilitation

Global postural rehabilitation

Global postural rehabilitation (GPR) is an approach that considers the body in its overall aspect. This technique aims to relax the envelope of the muscles (fascia) while relaxing the muscle chains to reduce the strain on the joints. The end result is a more suitable posture and less pain.

rééducation posture globale physio

According to this method, if one part of the body is injured, the others will compensate.

During an injury, the body compensates in order to avoid feeling pain as much as possible. He can keep this defensive position even after the problem has disappeared.

This reality is called a coping mechanism and can cause problems for other members where compensation is exercised, especially for people with long-standing injuries.

This is why it is possible to develop a symptom that is not directly related to the injury of the start. The objective of global postural rehabilitation is therefore to go back to the cause of the symptom to abolish or reduce it.

Through GAR, the patient obtains better healing conditions, which can lead to a decrease or even the disappearance of pain or symptoms. The RPG also makes it possible to prevent, thanks to a good alignment of the body, a possible joint deterioration.

A comprehensive postural rehabilitation approach is indicated for:

  • People of all ages (children, teenagers, adults and seniors)
  • Sportsmen
  • Pregnant women (after 12 weeks)
  • Injury prevention
  • Increased flexibility
  • Pain control and elimination
  • To anyone who desires treatments that involve the body as a whole and improve their postures
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