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Un service incroyable (1 sur 1 pendant 45min. non partager). Une belle accueil en arrivant, une place propre qui demontre leur professionalisme. Moi j’aimerais remercier Karine pour son aide, assistance et surtout son expertise sur ma récupération de chirurgie.
Michel Payette
Michel Payette
Ça fait des années que Matthieu me traite. Ses traitements ont toujours aidé mon dos à pas tomber en ruine!🙂
Aldee Lepine
Aldee Lepine
Je suis une nouvelle patiente chez physio+hamel, un accueil chaleureux à la réception merci madame Manon je tiens à remercier surtout Julien pour son beau travail et les efforts qu il fait avec moi à chaque fois il m encourage beaucoup il m a mis à l aise dès la première séance il est très professionnel et à l écoute de nos besoins vraiment un excellent service je recommande à tout le monde☺️☺️ Nesrine
Nesrouna S
Nesrouna S
On se sent comme chez soi Chez Physio + Hamel. Ambiance Familiale, travail professionnel, service personnalisé, mais surtout des solutions pour votre santé. Manon est fantastique, Matthieu est merveilleux et Paul est un amalgame de bonté et savoir-faire. Je ne peux que vous conseillé cet établissement!
André-Alexandre Bazinet
André-Alexandre Bazinet
Meilleure clinique de physio.Une equipe professionnelle et à l'écoute.Je recommande sans hésiter
stephanie belley
stephanie belley
Philippe est vraiment à l’écoute de nos besoins Merci
Carole Rochon
Carole Rochon
Accueil chaleureux et professionnel, je suis très heureux d'avoir trouvé cette clinique de physiothérapie. Matthieu m'a traité pour mes mal de dos chronique que je traînait depuis plus de 30 ans, ces interventions ont été très efficace, ça permis de reprendre mes activités et d'augmenter mes fréquences d'activité sportive.Merci à Matthieu et à son équipe.
Daniel Desjardins
Daniel Desjardins
Quelle belle équipe! Nous sommes bien reçus et l'attente est courte. Le personnel est professionnel et souriant. Je recommande beaucoup car vous auriez les solutions pour vos problèmes spécifiques. Merci!
Suzanne Grimard
Suzanne Grimard
Amazing Service!!! I was fortunate to have been helped by Karine and Julien. They are both Incredible!
F. E.
F. E.

Recognized physiotherapists and osteopaths


Attentive to your needs, our team of professionals in Physiotherapy and Osteopathy in the Outaouais wishes to offer you the best possible treatment to allow you to find the happiness of your daily activities, whether professional, sports or recreational.

Whatever your condition, age, or health problem, our physiotherapists in Gatineau are available 5 days a week to meet your needs.

Whether it is the treatment of injuries to muscles, joints, bones and other soft tissue injuries (ligament, tendon, etc.), or sports-related injuries are numerous and can sometimes be very painful and disabling for athletes, our team meets your needs.


Our physiotherapists in Gatineau, in the Outaouais, are here to help you resume your daily activities, professional or recreational.


Listening to your needs, we make every effort to offer you the best possible treatment and help you resume your daily activities, professional or recreational.

Frequent questions

Who can consult physiotherapy?

Our team of physiotherapists in Gatineau welcomes anyone with an injury or pain affecting the joints, ligaments, muscles, tendons and nerves. These examples can be treated through physiotherapy.

Physio can be effective for all types of injuries, whether they are related to a sports activity, a work or road accident, or even if it is a pain that occurs for no apparent reason that reduces your mobility.

Physiotherapy intervenes in the treatment of physical disabilities that arise from injuries and diseases that can affect these different systems:

  • muscular
  • articular
  • bony
  • neurological
  • cardiac
  • respiratory


Our physiotherapy clinic in the Outaouais region answers your questions and welcomes you during the week.

Is it relevant to consult a physiotherapist to prevent injuries?

The physiotherapist, thanks to his experience and expertise, will be able to identify your recurring injuries and pain. He will give you strengthening exercises to prevent any risk of them coming back.

Whether you are a high-level athlete or an elderly person, do not hesitate to consult the Physio + Hamel team to improve your daily life. Our physiotherapy clinic in the Outaouais, in Gatineau, can help you.

In short, know that physiotherapy can treat a large number of conditions, but it can also play a preventive role to avoid injuries.

Why consult an osteopath?

Osteopathy is a manual approach distinguished from other manual therapies by its philosophy, its way of approaching health problems and its approach based on precise palpatory abilities.

It therefore covers a range of aspects that can affect the human body. The osteopath, with the help of mainly manual therapies, the different systems of your body, regardless of age, while eliminating blockages and tensions.

His interventions apply to problems related to the skull, organs, hormonal system, nervous and musculoskeletal system. The osteopath looks for the source of the pain to act directly on it and reduce the pain.

The osteopath is most often solicited for vertebral problems (such as low back pain). Osteopathy is also effective for the treatment of sprains and tendonitis.

Other ailments can also be treated in osteopathy among which we find pre-operation stress, urinary disorders and many others. Our osteopaths in Gatineau welcome you, weekdays, by appointment.

How does an osteopathic session work?

At Physio + Hamel, located in Gatineau, each osteopathic session begins with a series of questions to the patient. The osteopath collects as much information as possible about the disorders or pains described by the patient.

The osteopath then moves on to the active phase of the session by practicing a manual approach on the patient’s body. It looks for blocking or painful points on limbs, joints, viscera, on the patient’s spine.

In some cases, he uses rotational movements, pull-ups, pushes or stretches without any sudden or violent gestures. The osteopath only uses his hands and touch it during the session.


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