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Joint and vertebral manipulations

Joint and vertebral manipulations

As part of a physiotherapy treatment, manipulations will be used when there is a limitation of movement or blockage of a joint or the spine.

Joint and spinal manipulations involve moving a joint in a push at high speed and at a low amplitude exerted by the physiotherapist.

Joint and vertebral manipulation will restore an amplitude of motion or relax muscle and tendon tissue through a neurophysiological approach.

It is important to remember that manipulation will never be the only technique used in a physiotherapy treatment and only physiotherapists who have undergone specialized training for joint and spinal manipulations can apply these techniques.

This technique is always part of an overall treatment and will intervene following an evaluation. It will often be followed by other mobilization techniques or exercises.

In short, the purpose of manipulation is to restore the joint to its optimal mobility. However, it is important to mention that not all mobility limitations can be manipulated.

There are two types of manipulations:

  • Spinal manipulations, which include all manipulations performed in the spine (for the cervical, dorsal and lumbar region)
  • Peripheral manipulations, which include all manipulations performed on the joints of the limbs (elbows, wrists, hip, knee, ankle, etc.).
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