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Running Assessment

Running Assessment

Running analysis helps detect and prevent running-related injuries.

This service is offered both for the person who is new to the race and to the expert runner. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced runner, your physiotherapists can help you improve your performance and prevent or treat your running-related injuries. By evaluating your race pattern, they will be able to:

  • Give advice on optimal cadence and race pattern
  • Determine the type of shoes that would suit you best
  • Teach strengthening, stretching or balancing exercises, depending on your needs
  • Assess and treat your musculoskeletal injuries that affect your running training


In order to fully understand your goals and focus on what is most important to you based on your goals. You and your physiotherapist will determine training goals based on your goal (improve your fitness, improve your performance, increase your endurance, etc.).


In order to evaluate the muscles specific to running and validate their strength, flexibility, stability and ability to execute movements well. Your physiotherapist will perform a functional analysis of your abilities: strength, mobility, flexibility, stability of the joints and muscles used.


In order to perceive the execution of your running movement and identify the technical errors that are most likely to decrease your performance and cause you injuries. Indeed, the analysis of your way of running (length of steps, speed, course of support, etc.) will allow your physiotherapist to identify aspects that may be at risk of injury or decrease your performance. Observing your running shoes is also a tool in running pattern analysis.


To validate and modify as necessary all factors related to training that are at risk of creating or modifying mechanical stress in the runner. During this step, the physiotherapist will discuss with you training and strengthening exercises, shoes adapted to your technique and your body as well as warm-ups that can help you prevent future injuries.

5. Specific exercise program to achieve your goals.

Following the analysis, you will receive an exercise program as well as advice to correct the elements that contribute to your injury or to avoid a future injury while improving your level of performance.

The goal is to start or continue training in a gradual and effective way. A follow-up will be done only if necessary, whether it is a consultation for an injury or to follow the evolution of your race boss.

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