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For seniors

Osteopathy for seniors

With age, the human body naturally loses mobility. As we age, the human body loses its elasticity, which explains the loss of mobility and flexibility with age.

ostéo pour ainés

Thus, the traumas, surgeries and diseases of the past have left traces that are increasingly felt.

However, it is never too late to enjoy the benefits of osteopathy.

By addressing mobility dysfunctions and therefore improving mobility and general circulation of the body, osteopathy brings more comfort in the lives of the elderly and thus limits the taking of drugs sometimes, or even having to undergo surgeries.

In short, osteopathy allows you to regain a little flexibility, increases the ability to maintain good physiological functions and therefore, to promote better overall health.

A senior can consult osteopathy at Physio + Hamel to:

  • Help manage balance disorders
  • Spinal pain and posture disorders
  • Reduces pain and increases mobility of joints affected by osteoarthritis
  • Accompany following surgery (knee or hip prosthesis, etc.)
  • Reduce stiffness and pain caused by neurodegenerative diseases
  • promote the functions of the digestive system
  • Reduce urinary system incontinence problems
  • … and much more!
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