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Manual therapy

Manual therapy

Orthopaedic manual therapy is based on an excellent knowledge of anatomy, physiology and mechanics of movement.

It is a personalized and individual therapeutic approach that takes into account in which the musculoskeletal system (spine, muscles, tendons, joints and nerves) is accurately evaluated by the physiotherapist.

Manual therapy uses so-called manual techniques (mobilizations, manipulations, myofascial/muscular relaxation techniques) combined with targeted exercises.

Usually, manual therapy is combined with specific exercises in order to restore strength, endurance and stability to the muscles. The objectives of this approach are to restore optimal mobility, reduce pain and promote a normal return to function and activity.

A manual therapy approach is indicated for:

  • The presence of a limitation or loss of mobility (osteoarthritis, sprain, tendonitis, post-immobilization ankylosis, etc.)
  • Loss of range of motion
  • A change in posture, gait and loss of function
  • The presence of pain (low back pain, back pain, herniated disc, etc.)
  • The presence of hypermobility or instability (recurrent subluxations or dislocations, joint clicks, blockages, etc.)
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