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Temporomandibular joint (TMJ)


The osteopath treats jaw-related problems (TMJ). The osteopath can also treat the following points:

  • Pain : When opening the mouth, clicking, crackling, blockage, myofascial tension in the cervical regions/neck compartment/spine, unilateral chewing, difficult tooth extraction, jaw posture and distance (scoliosis, kyphosis, protraction of the head or chin)
  • Orthodontics : Occlusion (interlocking teeth), bruxism and clenching of teeth, occlusal plate, sleep apnea
  • Functional disorders : Difficult or unilateral chewing, phonation, breathing, snoring, language, swallowing and infant sucking
  • Maxillofascial surgery : By trauma, fracture, orthodontic treatment
  • Parafunctions (functional tics): Thumb sucking, nail gnawing, excessive chewing gum, emotional stress compensated by nibbling pencil toe / biting lips or cheeks / licking lips repeatedly
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