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Adjustment Positioning on bike

Adjustment Positioning on bike
(Bike Fit)

For all types of bikes, all cyclists, regardless of your age.

You are an amateur or competitive cyclist, did you know that at Physio + Hamel we offer the positioning service on bike / Bike Fit?

This service is offered by our physiotherapist Philippe Bergeron certified by BikePt with expertise in cycling and passionate about bikes.

Philippe offers you an advanced musculoskeletal functional assessment as well as a biomechanical analysis, dynamic positioning according to your cycling anatomy according to your needs and your cycling history.

The BikePt assessment consists of optimizing your performance while respecting your goal, regardless of the level of cycling you practice in order to avoid injuries and discomfort during your rides or bike competitions.

The Bike Fit assessment, a personalized approach using state-of-the-art equipment

  • Complete positioning of your bike;
  • Functional assessment (posture, muscle strength, flexibility, foot morphology, etc.);
  • Measures and adjustments according to your morphology (pedals, saddle, handlebars, rod, cleats, arch);
  • Multiple advice (shoes, types of padding, etc.);
  • Therapeutic exercise program (prevent injuries and optimize your performance).

Start your cycling season safely and comfortably, make an appointment now for an evaluation and enjoy your cycling season!

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