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Osteopathy helps the still flexible and malleable body of newborns by acting on the constraints that the baby has undergone during pregnancy and childbirth. It thus helps the baby to overcome breastfeeding difficulties, sleep disorders, stomach aches, constipation, reflux, crying attacks, earaches, flat head problems or those that always turn on the same side.

Young children are at the age of discovering the world. Osteopathy assists them and ensures their healthy growth by allowing their body to live and move without problems. After a big fall, an episode of flu, in the case of pain, motor problems or posture or simply when teeth appear, the osteopath acts gently by relieving sore areas. Thus, it allows young people to move and grow by exploiting their full potential.

*Birth-related problems : Plagiocephaly, torticoli, acid reflux, colic, constipation, recurrent ear infections, difficult breastfeeding, tongue frenulum, sucking and swallowing, frequent crying, sleep disorder, deviated postural pattern.

*Pediatrics: 0 to 2 years
Motor development, posture, hypotonicity, early tiptoe or inward walking, weakness of the immune system.

3 to 7 years
Language, mouth breathing and shortness of breath, snoring, chewing, swallowing, etc. Ear infections and other repeated infections (bronchiolitis, colds, conjunctivitis. Impaired growth, dentition.

8 to 12 years
Hyperactivity, impulsivity, learning and concentration problems, anxiety (with support from the pediatrician, child psychiatrist or family doctor), posture, sleep, growth.

13 to 18 years
Growth, hormonal development, postural adaptations, lower limb pain, fatigue, concentration problems and sleep disorders.

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