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Balance disorder

TREATMENT of Balance Disorder

If you notice any pain on your hips, knees or other joints that prevent you from walking, you are facing a balance disorder. This situation requires special attention, because your balance matters more than anything in the world to have an iron health. In the majority of cases, the underlying musculoskeletal and neurological disorders are at the root of these balance or gait problems. Fortunately, you can use physiotherapy and massage therapy in Quebec City.

Balance and gait disorders: What’s the difference?

Balance and gait disorders are two terms that can be associated. However, these two expressions represent a more or less different meaning.

Walking disorders

If you notice some abnormal movement in the way you walk or run, you probably have a gait disorder. This could worsen over time as you age. In the elderly, this situation can be very delicate.

Balance disorders

With a double physical and mental character, balance disorders determine a situation of instability. Your brain thinks you’re making a certain movement even when you’re not moving. This represents a significant physical impact in relation to your balance. These disorders modify the strength of your joints and especially your mobility.

Common causes of balance disorder

There are many causes of a balance and gait disorder. In particular, multiple diverse underlying conditions may develop in relation to this situation.

These balance disorders are usually related to problems with the vestibular system. This mostly represents a delicate collection of chambers filled with fluid and sensory nerves, located in the inner ear, and thousands of nerve receptors in relation to your joints.

The person responsible for your sense of position is the vestibular system also known as: proprioception. Some common vestibular conditions can lead to these balance disorders such as:

Neurological problems

These neurological problems include Parkinson’s disease, brain injury or stroke. This has a direct impact on your balance.

Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV)

Once calcium debris breaks off in the inner ear, it causes balance disorders.

Vestibular neuritis

Present on the nerve of your inner ear, vestibular neuritis is the cause of a certain virus. This can cause various important symptoms such as:

  • Nausea;
  • Vomiting;
  • Dizziness;
  • Stunning;
  • The sudden loss of balance.

In case the situation does not improve after a few weeks, it is recommended to perform some exercises focused on these systems. This is an option to regain strength and recover faster.

How to treat balance disorder with physiotherapy?

Characterized by a family of functional problems, balance and gait disorders are related to awareness of your position, normal ways to walk, and balance to stand up straight.

To remedy these balance and walking disorders, it would be best to opt for physiotherapy. In order to improve your walking ability and balance, Physio + Hamel could certainly help you. By having better qualifications in the treatment of a balance disorder, they certainly offer you the opportunity to regain your mobility again in an efficient and faster way at the same time.

For a first consultation, your physiotherapist will examine you to assess your physical condition. This is the perfect time to take a close look at the situation regarding your balances, posture, gait, medical history and symptoms. In order to be able to really define the treatment adapted to your needs, this process is essential. This treatment plan normally includes:

  • Exercise plans for gait rehabilitation;
  • A vestibular rehabilitation process;
  • Performing some strengthening exercises: This is a better option to facilitate your travel, and reduce some risks regarding your injuries;
  • Stretching: This is an exercise adapted to improve your flexibility, it certainly allows you to regain your control by also reducing the risk of injury.
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