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Posture problem

TREATMENT OF your posture problem

By occupying a hard day’s work and some daily travel, the majority of people quickly forget to focus on the right postures to adopt. To take better care of the musculoskeletal health of your body, it is essential to keep an excellent posture. By doing this, the spine aligns perfectly and thus finds a better balance.

In this way: bones, muscles and ligaments work perfectly. Thus, you will not even need to make a maximum effort while walking, running or dancing. Otherwise, bad postures certainly force you to make more effort to keep a certain balance. And this situation could have significant impacts on your body such as: pain in the neck, shoulder blades and lower back, headaches, and much more.

How to define a postural problem?

Posture is presented in particular as a particular attitude. It is mainly a maintenance of the body for the balance of various important segments by quoting: the head, trunk, pelvis, legs and shoulders.

The alignment of the different parts of the body can mainly be elaborated by certain internal and also external factors. One of the most well-known external factors is repetitive movements performed while playing sports, leisure or even work. These situations can cause an imbalance of muscle forces and tension. Linked to strengthening some muscles at the expense of other muscles, this could produce a deviation effect on the body segment as a whole. Prolonged sitting can also be an important factor characterizing this postural problem.

When it comes to internal factors, injuries or surgeries are the best known. The latter can cause adhesions in soft tissues such as the tendon, muscles, fascia. This could lead to the deviation of a bone segment. The misalignment between the various segments of your body can cause joint dysfunction. To be able to limit unpleasant sensations such as discomfort, inflammation and pain, the body tries to compensate for this instability. A vicious cycle occurs on your body, and this compensation only makes the situation worse.

What are the common symptoms of a posture problem?

  • Wearing a head in the front can cause bad symptoms such as headache, neck pain and pain or paresthesias (numbness, tingling, loss of sensation) in the arm and/or hand.
  • A curled shoulder causes loss of mobility and pain in arm movements.
  • A problem in the lower back may not complete its cushioning roles as intervertebral discs and movement for the facet joints. When the body does not benefit from its natural posture, the spine may be more fragile in the face of injury.

These misalignments are not visible most of the time. But the individual could still feel some change in his body. This represents a decisive impact on the lower back in relation to compensation.

How to treat a posture problem?

Scoliosis presents one of the most well-known forms of misalignment by the “S” or “C” deformation of the spine. There are various types of scoliosis. The most common is idiopathic scoliosis of adolescents, it most often appears at the age of puberty. Another form of scoliosis appears most of the time for a more advanced age by disc degeneration.

For people suffering from scoliosis, the best remedy is to opt for comprehensive postural rehabilitation or RPG. This treatment therefore consists of performing active postures of stretching muscle groups. The assistance of a physiotherapist is especially recommended in relation to this situation. To regain some mobility and excellent balance, it is necessary to reflect on these treatments. Out of respect for lower back pain and certain individual limits, the postures are done smoothly by finding step by step the best possible balance.

How can physiotherapy help you?

To better correct your posture, the ideal would be to confide in a professional physiotherapist. There are certain precautions to take into account and change in the daily routine. You have to adapt your workspace well whether for a professional activity, an office activity, or work with repetitive movements. To avoid muscle contractions, it is necessary to know how to manage stress.

For a posture problem, it would be best to always rely on a renowned professional. Physio + Hamel is here to give you the best advice in terms of ergonomics and you will benefit from great relief afterwards. He also assists you in correcting your posture using the application of certain postural exercises.

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