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Back and neck pain

TREATMENT OF Back and neck pain

There are many causes of lumbar, back and cervical ailments, including problems with the intervertebral disc, joints and any poor mechanics. Neck pain, otherwise known as neck pain, results in a feeling of discomfort in the neck. It usually comes from structures in any cervical region, mainly your muscles, cervical vertebrae, ligaments, intervertebral discs and nerves.

Back pain or back pain occurs in any area of the thoracic spine that may be the middle of the back or the upper back. It is located above the lumbar spine, but below the cervical spine.

These pains affect different regions, mainly the upper back, the middle and the neck. As a result, they can hurt both the neck and the back.

The factors of discomfort experienced are multiple, but most often are related to the way you walk, stand and sit for a long time. In general, then, they affect anyone working for hours in a sitting position.

Back and neck pain: what signs? And what symptoms?

The following symptoms may indicate that you have back or neck pain: first, pain in the shoulder, lumbar, neck and upper back area. You may also experience pain in your shoulder blades. Then, stiffness of the neck and shoulders followed by difficulty moving the head is also a sign indicating neck and back pain.

In addition, the symptoms of these ailments also include muscle stiffness, tension, any sensation of electric shock, burning or heat. Finally, an unbearable headache and eye fatigue.

Back and neck pain: what are the causes?

Different factors can be at the origin of these pains including:

  • Carrying all heavy loads in a repetitive manner;
  • History of accident;
  • Muscle injury, especially in athletes;
  • Poor posture;
  • Nerve compression related to a cervical disc herniation;
  • Muscle weakness, especially in the muscles related to your neck and back
  • Worn joints (cervical osteoarthritis);
  • Any other pathology such as scoliosis.

In addition to these aforementioned factors, many others can cause very common ailments including:

  • Smoking;
  • Problems related to the respiratory tract;
  • Overweight.

Stay active

In case you suffer from back pain, staying in bed should be avoided. It is also advisable to practice adequate sports activities. Those that are centered on the back are to be avoided so as not to aggravate your case, however immobility is far from being the best solution. Gymnastics is preferred, perform every morning any exercise recommended by your physiotherapist.

Physiotherapists: an ideal solution

There are different techniques for treating back and neck pain. In this regard, it is advisable to go to the Physio+ Hamel office to help you. Their teams will try to evaluate your case and then adopt the appropriate technique to solve your problems and help you recover faster.

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